As members of the global society of the 21st Century, as well as artists, we have come to vaguely contemplate about Japanese culture and its peripheries. Upon discussing the issues with our artist colleagues, the conclusion we have reached is to widely circulate not only the stereotypically known cultures of Japan, but of a diverse Japanese culture; its heritage and the current state, as well as perspectives from inside and outside, which we ourselves are also able to learn from. In our world today, conceptions on Japan and Japanese culture have been prevalent to an extent, however, there are instances where we are embroiled in the conversational context that encompass skewed images of Japanese cultures. From a broader perspective,  the term “Japanese culture”, easily coined by many, may rather hinder the understanding of that “culture.” But first and foremost, it is crucial for us to recognize the problems arising in communications regarding Japanese cultures and to update our information on these relevant topics. Is it really possible to establish a medium that can serve as a guidepost? What sort of information should we distribute? Con-Cul was founded as an experimental ground for anyone who affiliates with, appreciates, and possesses a curious mind in Japanese cultures.